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We are pleased that you are spending a few minutes with us at the DotDotDot Ocicat Cattery. Ocicats are our extended family, and we delight in sharing them with you.

Most people are in awe of the magnificent Ocicat. First contact with one of these solid, well muscled, spotted creatures will create a visual impact you will never forget. They shine with the exotic beauty of spotted cats from the wild. Yet, Ocicats have the lovely predictable disposition of domestic cats.

The Ocicat is the only spotted domestic cat bred selectively to emulate cats of the wild.   Its pedigreed ancestors are the Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair.   Careful interbreeding created the wild dramatic appearance of a cat that looks as though it just stepped out of the jungle. Ocicats have no wild feral cats in their genetic background so you need not fear unstable, unpredictable temperament.

Ocicats are easy to keep and require no special care. Their diets are the same as any other domestic cat, and their short, satiny coats require minimal bathing and grooming. They are not prone to any major health problems since an Ocicat's broad genetic background gives them hybrid vigor and vitality.

Owning Ocicats can become a magnificent obsession! The Ocicat suggests that Mother Nature's magic paintpot was used to create a lovely pattern of spots shining with a brilliance that will dazzle even the most callous viewer. If you yearn for a beautiful exotic companion, the Ocicat is a logical choice for you.

Learn more about Roger Brown, candidate for CFA Director-At-Large, at Roger Brown.

Read or download Roger Brown's CFA Director-At-Large flyer.

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